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A teacher will structure the way you learn and practice, taking away a lot of the overwhelm of all the new information. The ultimate reward was getting to play against a team from Scotland that had 3 players from my grandfather's hometown. I get frustrated every now and then but it is just natural, right? Unless you are a very gifted individual you will not be playing like Paganini after a couple of years. I've played in a few tune sessions, not many. Adults learn to read music quicker!! It is imperative to find good instructor who understands the needs of adult students, with regard to their time and how to make the most of it.

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You didn't learn to walk without falling down many, many times. My feeble excuse is that I play the piano and sing every day, and there's only so much time--and so far I've gotten away with it. So, there are no teachers, no classes I could take to learn how to play one. We are taught that responsible adults focus on career, family, bills, and more work. Check out Full Size Violins here. Stickers might make an adult feel kind of silly. I work as a peripatetic teacher for Surrey Arts, in addition to teaching privately.

Learning to Play the Violin as an Adult | Trala: Learn Violin

Biggest struggles presently are the occasional string squeak. Music is just the prescription. You can play a lot of the folk repertoire without using the bottom string of a fiddle anyway so that gave me an octave fiddle without having to reach with my little finger for the top B. I'm 45 now and getting forgetful. So - if your heart's desire is sessions - go for the violin. This usually isn't the case. I am 56 years of age and I decided to find me a teacher and just try for a few months.
Hi Lana, how wonderful you want to learn to play the violin! It does restrict you to first position, but few "folk" tunes go out of that anyway. One of my teachers had a saying, "Perfect, plus ! I still have to concentrate on posture, proper left hand position and straight wrist. I've come to believe there is one great myth out there regarding the adult who takes up a new instrument: "It is harder for an adult than it is for a child. Learning to Play the Violin as an Adult As adults, we have a lot of obligations on our plate. Come and visit us for an Introductory session, and we'll help you get started with the violin!
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